David E. Smith on 7 Jun 2002 23:28:06 -0000

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spoon-business: my REAL refresh prop

Cancel all pending game actions.

Add to Rule 128, at the bottom of the numbered list, the following:

5. Irrelevant: The question has been rendered moot by other events.

Adjust the gamestate so that all open CFIs are judged IRRELEVANT,
immediately appealed, and subsequently judged IRRELEVANT on appeal.

Remove item number 5 from the numbered list in Rule 128, and give that
rule revision number 7.

[[ Just to get all that out of the way. Basically, this way I don't have
to change the rules at all, but it clears out all those ugly pending CFIs. ]]

Adjust the gamestate so that no player is recognizing an Emergency.
[[ Otherwise we go through this again instantly. Not fun. ]]

Discard all proposals that would have been on the nweek 17 ballot, with no
penalty to their authors.

Replace "5 points" with "1 point" in Rule 441, Section A.7, incrementing
the revision number of that Rule. [[ i.e. make it 441/3 ]]

Replace the second "bullet point" item [[ the +1 respect clause ]] of Rule
22 with the following, incrementing the revision number of that Rule:
* The Player awarded the Win is given a Trophy.

Create the following new rule:

There exist game objects called Trophies. Trophies may only be created,
transferred, or destroyed in ways explicitly permitted by the Rules.

Trophies are awarded for actions of exceptional merit or otherwise worthy
of superlative recognition. The owner of a Trophy gains one point of
Respect as long as e owns that Trophy.

Trophies may NOT be created by Proposals, or by the direct or indirect
effects of Proposals.


[[ Basically, the only way to get one is to Win. And this creates
something that will outlast another Win, and provides a handy "win
counter" to boot. What a deal. ]]

Destroy all DimShips.

Remove rachel from the Roster. [[ If she's still out there, and objects to
this, I'll remove this line. If not, well, it's like Garbage Collection. ]]

Place Naath on voluntary Leave. [[ Because e asked for this ]]

Set all dimensions for all players to zero.

Give Wonko a Trophy.

Remove the "Fire" attribute from all squares on the Grid. [[ if it's still
there... ]]

Destroy all Gnomes, including those in Players' Gnome Bags.

Place 1d6 random Gremlins on the Grid, in random locations. Place all
other Gremlins in Hiding.

Make the balance of the Gnome Account 50 points. [[ otherwise I have to
figure out what it'd actually be and that'd be one helluva pain ]]

Reset the Clock to 18 nweeks, 1 nday, and turn the Clock On.

[[ This is merely resetting the clock "by hand" and not actually rolling
time forward. Since voting and vote-counting never happened for nweek 17,
there won't be any penalties involved. This also circumvents a lot of
other ugly end-of-nweek things, like paying the Ministers, Rocky, and so
on.  Things that occur at the BEGINNING of an nweek will happen normally. ]]