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spoon-business: CFI 767 - FALSE

Rob's statement: {{
Statement: The following quantities are undefined: 

* Baron von Skippy's Charm, Score, Respect, and Entropy 
* Glotmorf's Respect and Entropy
 * Rob's Score and Style
 * The Voice's Score, Style, and Entropy
 * Wild Card's Activity, Charm, Score, and Entropy
 * Universal Entropy

 Any statement about the numeric values of any of the above made in the past 
nweek is false. 

My ruling: FALSE

My reasoning: {{
Rule 153/2 says:
 A Dimension is any numerical attribute of players which is defined as a 
Dimension by the rules. A Dimension can in general have any real number as 
its value, although specific Dimensions may have restrictions imposed on the 
range of values they can take [e.g. scores may not be -ve]. 

This requires dimensions to be real numbers, which are defined. Therefore, all 
dimensions are defined.