Naath Thabana on 4 Jun 2002 17:03:19 -0000

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spoon-business: copy/paste

Very well...

According to Rule 22, when who-ever-did-this-last was
awarded a Win (assuming someone 
doesn't see a loophole in it...I'm afraid I can't),
the effects in Rule 
440 kicked in.

According to Rule 440, I (along with everyone else)
get 10 points, and 
am in Limbo.

I re-enter the Grid at (12,11).

I buy 5 random Gnomes for 10 points.

I Throw Out all 5 Gnomes and gain 25 points.

I buy 12 random Gnomes for 24 points.

I Throw Out all 12 Gnomes and gain 60 points.

I buy 30 random Gnomes for 60 points.

I Throw Out all 30 Gnomes and gain 150 points.

I buy 75 random Gnomes for 150 points.

I Throw Out all 75 Gnomes and gain 375 points.

I buy 187 random Gnomes for 374 points.

I Throw Out all 187 Gnomes and gain 935 points.

I buy 467 random Gnomes for 934 points.

I Throw Out all 467 Gnomes and gain 2335 points.

I win too. :)


Like duct tape the force is, a light side and a dark side it has, holds the universe together it does, hmm.

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