Wonko on 4 Jun 2002 01:01:57 -0000

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spoon-business: Finally!

Now that *crackle* Entropy has cleared itself,

__Repairs - On Leave__

In rule 205, append after the text "and may not take any game actions" the
text " except placing emself Off Leave"


__Fix the *crackle* Game state__

Change the Gamestate to reflect what the website would say if all actions
taken since the last time the website was updated were put into the website

__Wonko *buzz* is mad__

Remove the sentence "If a player's Entropy exceeds ((Maximum Entropy) / (#
of players)), all eir messages posted to the public forum must consist of
words of one syllable." from rule 440.

[[It makes the rules ugly. And it's just plain irritating.]]