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spoon-business: 757 - The C F I

CFJ 757/0
CFI by Baron von Skippy
Assigned Judge: Wonko

Statement: No player has been awarded a Win based upon eir virtual
dimensions as set by eir DimShips.

Analysis: Rule 493: "Ballast and Buoyancy are each limited to 100. Each can
be set to as much as 100, even at the same time, for displacement in single
or multiple dimensions. That is, no matter how many dimensions Ballast is
gathered for, total Ballast must be less than or equal to 100; same with
Buoyancy." Regardless of updates to eir dimensions, players are not awarded
higher or lower points, entropy, or any dimension past the values set by eir
virtual dimensions, that is, changing the value of one's score Buoyancy does
not change one's actual score, because only "Rules that change the values of
dimensions, though, will change eir real dimensions." (Rule 493 again)
Therefore, no one's dimensions are changed by eir DimShips any further from
eir actual dimensions than the Buoyancy and Ballast of eir Dimships.
Defendant: Rob 

I Judge Call 757 TRUE.

[[Analysis: the plaintiff's reasoning is irrelevant; the fact is that the
only effect DimShips could have on player's dimensions is to make them
undefined, which would violate at least one higher-precedence rule. Thus,
DimShips do not affect player's values, and nobody wins because of one.]]