David E. Smith on 1 Jun 2002 21:16:32 -0000

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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Saturday afternoon)

"Introducing Physical Law" is 759/1.
"And The Lord Said You Gots Ta Rise Up-ah!" is 763/0.
"Less is More: Clubs: is 765/0, 765/1.

Dan's revision to 761 won't be acknowledged (yet) -- are you sure you
don't mean 760? 761 is a Declaration of Respect, and adding text to it
would be illegal (or at least would disqualify it as a Respect prop).

Naath and Wild Card cast their lots into the Rule Zero fray. That's six...
(With Ed Murphy's forfeit, only 7 are required to trigger r0.)

Naath rules TRUE on CFI754, which is promptly appealed. The Upper House
randomly selects Rob, Glotmorf, and Bean.

Baron von Skippy buys two random Gnomes, throwing one to bd. E keeps a
Basic Gnome and throws a Russian Gnome. bd catches. Yay.

Glotmorf's "Glotmorf wins" CFI is 764, assigned to The Voice.
Dan's "nobody wins" CFI is 766, assigned to Ed Murphy.

Ed Murphy forfeits. This adjusts the Entropy thresholds, and since I'm
feeling benevolent, I'll reassign CFI 766 (randomly) to Glotmorf.

Bean comes and goes.

Glotmorf's refresh proposal is not recognized (yet) because there's not an
emergency (yet). (I hope e'll be kind enough to remind me of its existence
should an Emergency be declared.)