Doctor Ducker on 29 Apr 2003 22:40:01 -0000

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Re: [Nomicmarket] Market suggestions

Craig wrote:

> >I LIKE IT!!!!!!! (for the most part, but the rest can be worked out through
> real
> >play)
> Then let's make it so and declare that the Market has begun.
> There is no longer a rule that a Nomic ask to be added, so I'd encourage
> rush proposing of any needed changes to Thermo or B Nomic, followed by
> comencement of the game. I can't think of anything Thermo needs to change,
> given its existing Market rules, so we are ready. It would also surprise me
> if there was anything stopping B Nomic from doing everything it needed with
> its own rules, so barring any objection I think the Nomic Market should
> adopt these rules. I also suggest that we add a general rule as follows to
> section II:
> C. New sections.
> Any Nomic whose archives are publicly availible may, based on whatever its
> rules are for changing the game, ask for recognition. A member then must
> inform the Nomic Market mailing list that the Nomic has done so, and a new
> section for that Nomic will be created. The new section will contain no
> rules.
> We'll see how the voting goes on that, but it would surprise me if we didn't
> pass it.

I vote FOR this Modification.

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