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Re: [hosers-talk] script-fu for trash

> AES uses the Rijndael algorithm which is about as efficient as strong
> crypto can get; just a handful of elementary operations. SIMD vector
> operations could give you some nifty optimizations. With block transfer
> devices, you've got your data grouped all together, so you get good cache
> performance. Ultimately you're taking on a a few more CPU cycles per byte,
> which pales in comparison to number of cycles you have to wait to read in
> a fucking byte. I think there would be a hit, but not so great.
> Hmm... this is somewhat interesting, frankly. Mebbe I'll hafta' read some 
> linux docs. Although it would probably be super-easy on Darwin with the 
> IO kit... but then I'd have to figure out how to build Darwin. :-(

cd /usr/src
make buildkernel

Right?  :)  At least that's how it works on my BSD system, which is supposedly
what Darwin is synced to, but Mach probably fucks everything up beyond all

By the way, I finished Everything and More the other day.  It's not as good as
I hoped, but maybe some of that was because I had seen a lot of it before.  
The last couple sections, which covered stuff that was less familiar to me and 
more directly related to Cantor's work, were very good.  I think Wallace's goals
were admirable--to do justice to the material you need to spend quite a bit of
time on background--but he wasn't very clear because he was trying too hard
to remain accessible, and he wasn't very concise because he's David Foster

Kortbein and Joel can probably relate to this mentality--it's a lot like our 
Philosophy of Physics course was back at Iowa State.  The prof was obviously
enthusiastic and knowledgable, and he knew that physicists always
bitched about profs giving hand-wavey treatments of the basics, but he way
overcompensated by belaboring the basics at the expense of the really 
interesting shit.


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