Jon Stewart on 10 Nov 2003 02:02:36 -0000

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[hosers-talk] Re: [hosers-announce] pending upgrade

> To the tune of _Ring of Fire_:
> It pends, pends, pends:
> another upgrade,
> another upgrade.
> It's that time again. Soon I'll be migrating charybdis to Fedora Core 1,
> the successor to Red Hat 9. I've already moved scylla to it, and everything
> seems ok.
> There are a few packages that have been dropped between RH9 and FC1. Among
> them is pine, which I plan to keep around anyway since I know at least one
> person here uses it. Here's a link to the release notes, where you can
> see a list of the package changes. It's worth a look to check whether
> anything you use has been droped, or if something you really want has been
> added (e.g., boost for Jon). If so, let me know.

I don't do any development on charybdis, so don't feel obliged to install 
boost on my account; OTOH, others may find it useful.

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