Tom Plagge on 17 Jun 2003 04:59:03 -0000

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Re: [hosers-talk] he shoots; he scores!

After being gone for the weekend, I had only 50 non-spam messages, which I 
guess makes me less popular than the rest of ellipsis.  Doh.  One was 
interesting, though--a friend of mine on vacation in Cambodia has developed
SARS-like symptoms, though he suspects it's "merely" a parasite.  Whew.  A
choice excerpt:

>Yesterday evening the mobile parasite crested the top of my rib cage 
>and dissappeared in the spot below my arm.  I fear it is only a matter 
>of days before the creature lays its eggs and exits through my navel. I'm 
>no dupe.  I saw "Alien".


> Joel Uckelman sez:
> >Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> >> After months of neglecting my inbox, I've now got it below 80 messages. 
> >> That's exciting enough to warrant a post to hosers, I think.
> >
> >After being gone for the weekend, I'm now at 309.
> inbox+ has 1191 messages  (1-2700); cur=2700.
> I have some, uh, cleaning to do.
> Josh
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