Jeff Schroeder on 24 Mar 2002 22:11:15 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: RS/6000 console

At 02:32 PM 3/24/2002, Tom Plagge wrote:
> I don't know too much about these old RS/6k's... I imagine that what you'd
> have to do is first get the hardware communicating.  Find a schematic of
> your favourite port and compare it to the generic RS232 pinout.  Does your
> port have 25 pins or 9 pins? Round or trapezoidal? If it is the same, all
> you need is a null modem connection.  The next step would be to get a
> program to communicate.  I think the old RS6k's used VT5280 or 3164 (from
> memory, might be a bit off).  I remember using a special program when I
> worked at IBM that had these terminal settings.  If you use the wrong
> terminal you should at least get a connection of some sort...
> What model RS6k do you have? a 43p? :) probably a 390 or something. Does
> it have a key in front?  What terminal were you using?  An X-station or an
> ASCII terminal?  That would give you a key.  Try this page for a list of
> computers.

It's a 7011/250 if memory serves.  I'm going to guess 60 MHz or so on the
processor...I think that's what I saw on some IBM site.  It's running AIX
3.something.  I'm trying to connect to it using cu from my PC.  It's set to
8N1 and 9600 like it's supposed to be, and I'm using a null modem cable,
but shit still ain't right--I get a bunch of ASCII garbage when I attach
to the port.

Well, sounds like the hardware is communicating. If you type characters in, does it do something? I think the problem is the terminal protocol; I don't think regular telnet supports it. I think it is trying to negotiate some stuff, hence the ascii crap. Look for a program that has the terminal settings that you need. The link I gave you should document the necessary protocols.