Joel Uckelman on 31 Dec 2001 01:17:32 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: the onslaught begins

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> > Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> > > KDE 2:
> > > 
> > > 	The "system" font (ie. the one used for menus, buttons, the 
> > > taskbar, other controls -- NOT for text) in Konqueror is all fucked up --
> > > looks like I took a non-True Type font at size 4 and scaled it up to size
> > > 12. Any ideas? I've tried mucking around with all of the font stuff I can
> > > find, but that's just bound to get me in more trouble, I'm sure.
> > 
> > I know nothing about KDE, sorry Jon.
> I'm using KDE 'cuz I want to use KDevelop.
> I have bigger problems, though. My video settings are all fucked up in X, 
> as is my keyboard. My Mac is not particularly well-supported by Linux, so 
> what you do is boot up the MacOS a little bit, load the video driver into 
> OpenFirmware, and then have a MacOS extension turn things over to a 
> ramdisk image on the Mac hard drive which then boots up the real linux 
> system, transferring control of video over to linux, using the frame 
> buffer and the OF driver.
> Things are a little better now and I've got some info about how to get
> things right (I think). I think I need a new monitor, too; I've just got a 
> 14" which only does 640x480 -- not big enough to use KDevelop effectively.
> The idea is to use KDevelop for C++ development, have it generate make 
> files, then to use something called CruiseControl to periodically check 
> the status of my source files in CVS, and run Ant (of the Jakarta Project) 
> to pull out the source, run make, run my test suites, and commit changes 
> to a clean CVS directory if successful, finally logging the status of the 
> build process and creating a web page using a servlet. I'll need to hack 
> Ant to run make, but that's relatively easy to do. The goal is to have a 
> fully-automated build process and mostly automated source code control.

Hey, just going through some old mail; did you ever make any progress on