Josh on 15 Nov 2001 05:07:39 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: Re: hosers-announce: recent upgrade

Joel Uckelman sez:
>Thus spake Josh:
>> Joel Uckelman sez:
>> >I upgraded charybdis to RH 7.2 today, so be on the lookout for things that 
>> >don't work.
>> I've been having more telnet sessions to ellipsis hang, but I'm not
>> sure if that's related to your upgrade. I don't have any other information
>> about it, except that when the sessions hang, I can pretty much immediately
>> start a session to an Iowa State machine or to ellipsis again with no
>> trouble.
>Odd. How often does this happen?

I can think of maybe 5 times since the upgrade. Far more frequently
than before (though it's happened before).

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