Joel Uckelman on 13 Nov 2001 07:18:27 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: Re: hosers-announce: recent upgrade

Thus spake Josh:
> Joel Uckelman sez:
> >I don't know whether you can get show to stop prompting you for the next 
> >part by any method short of hacking the code for it (check the big-assed 
> >online MH book for that).
> The main reason it's annoying is that it prompts for text/plain parts
> too - like, fuck you, just show it to me.
> >So, I'll change the mhshow-charset line, and then you can tell me what 
> >effect that had, and whether you also need to set these environment 
> >variables for yourselves to get acceptable performance. If so, I'll 
> >probably dump them into the /etc/profile, since everyone will want them set 
> >that way.
> Looks to have solved my problem.

What exactly solved your problem? Did it work without your having to set the suggested environment variables? (Whether I need to alter the /etc/profile depends on your answer to this.)