Joel Uckelman on 13 Nov 2001 00:43:14 -0000

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Re: hosers-talk: Re: hosers-announce: recent upgrade

Thus spake Josh:
> Joel Uckelman sez:
> >I upgraded charybdis to RH 7.2 today, so be on the lookout for things that 
> >don't work.
> Mail with mime parts is broken. After show shows the header and gives
> the prompt to display the next part (which I find irritating btw), this
> happens:
> Press <return> to show content...
> /bin/sh: exec: xterm: not found
> exit 127
> I thought this might have something to do with the thing Tom thought
> up to use lynx to render HTML email, but I can't remember what that thing
> was at present, so I can't fiddle with it.
> Josh

I don't know whether you can get show to stop prompting you for the next 
part by any method short of hacking the code for it (check the big-assed 
online MH book for that).

The file that contains MIME types is /etc/nmh/mhn.defaults, and the 
offending line is the first one:

mhshow-charset-iso-8859-1: xterm -fn '-*-*-medium-r-normal-*-*-120-*-*-c-*-i
59-*' -e %s

According to the man page for mhshow, less can correctly display 
iso-8859-1-encoded messages, so long as the environment variables 
LESSCHARSET and LESS are set as follows (in bash-ese---Tom, you know what 
to do for csh):


So, I'll change the mhshow-charset line, and then you can tell me what 
effect that had, and whether you also need to set these environment 
variables for yourselves to get acceptable performance. If so, I'll 
probably dump them into the /etc/profile, since everyone will want them set 
that way.