Joel Uckelman on 9 Nov 2003 23:35:12 -0000

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[hosers-announce] pending upgrade

To the tune of _Ring of Fire_:

It pends, pends, pends:
another upgrade,
another upgrade.

It's that time again. Soon I'll be migrating charybdis to Fedora Core 1,
the successor to Red Hat 9. I've already moved scylla to it, and everything
seems ok.

There are a few packages that have been dropped between RH9 and FC1. Among
them is pine, which I plan to keep around anyway since I know at least one
person here uses it. Here's a link to the release notes, where you can
see a list of the package changes. It's worth a look to check whether
anything you use has been droped, or if something you really want has been
added (e.g., boost for Jon). If so, let me know.

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