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Re: [game-lang] Late to the party


I'm late to the replys (was out on vacation for the last week), but am also still around.

I'm one of the admins for the Jogre open-source on-line game engine and was interested in this for the possibility of adding a module to Jogre to allow it to play games specified in a generic manner so that Java development knowledge wasn't required to write new games to allow for more widespread development by more users.

I'm not as academically oriented as some of the other people here :), so I'd expected to be more of a fly-on-the-wall to see how this developed.  Unfortunately, work & personal life got busy and so I haven't had much free time to devote to this, but am still interested.


From: Dan Percival <dan.percival@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [game-lang] Late to the party

Hi, all.

I found this list from a Google search for "game description language nomic", which lead to a BGG forum thread (I'm dan_percival there), which lead me here. I've very recently caught the GDL(-II) bug, though in reading through the posts here I am fascinated by the various arguments for a replacement. One specific interest I have is in extending or replacing GDL to express metagames such as Nomic, Mao, or in a limited sense the CCG model.

I've spent a nice hour or so reading through the list archives, and some thoughts have come to mind. Before I wade in too deeply, though, I wanted to know if anyone is still interested in the topic, or even still subscribed!


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