Bill Jaffe on Tue, 28 Apr 2009 16:36:10 -0700 (MST)

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[eia] FW: Warfare Project - 8solo 1806-12 Russian forage

Here's what the embedded die rollers look like.
You can set up a group of e-mail addresses, and then pick ALL or select (for
battle chits, for example).
This is a forage roll.

Naples I (I typed this) 5- (also me) d6 (roll 1d6)
It returned the text and 2 (the result) [d6] what was rolled

Simple enough...

Bill Jaffe
Wargaming - EIA, 18xx, and more

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Subject: Warfare Project - 8solo 1806-12 Russian forage

Embedded Dice Roller - 8solo 1806-12 Russian forage

Players: bigbillthecollector@y[protected]
Message w/ embedded dice:
Naples I 5- 2[d6]
Napples II 5- 3[d6]

View complete results online:
lServlet?tool_key=YmlnYmlsbHRoZWNvbGxlY3RvckB5YWhvby5jb218MzYzfDE0OTQ2 (this
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