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[eia] Prussian Land - April 1807

Prussian Land Phase - April 1807:

Starting Treasury = $8

Depot Creation: Breslau ($1).
Current Depots[1]: Berlin & Breslau

Saxons at Wittenburg move to Glogau and drop 1i, move to Kustrin and drop 1i, move to Colberg and drop 1i ($1).
I Corp at Berlin holds (FA).
I Corp at Glogau moves to Dresden (FA).
I Corp at N Posen moves to Berlin ($0.5)
I Corp at Posen moves to Glogau and pickup 2i,1m, move to Breslau and pickup 2i ($0.5).
I Corp at S Thorn moves to Posen (FA).
I Corp at Thorn pickup 1i and moves to S Thorn (FA).

Total Cost: $3
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