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Re: [eia] updated map

Are Economics publically posted or kept private?
Even with a failed economic loss roll, loss of Masovia and +1 economic
manipulation, Prussia should get +1 manpower. Anyone know if Prussia had any
saved manpower?

With a failed economic loss roll, no Masovia, no subsidies and normal trade
(domestic & US), Prussia would of had $29 income. Maintenance for what's on
the map would be -$6 leaving about $23 left for builds (if any) and

Saxony & Hesse each would of built 1i factor.
Did Prussia set any economic manipulation for next Econ?

Anyway, for April reinforcements Prussia will remove all leaders.
I can't adjust any corps strengths since I don't have any.
Did anyone assist the Prussians with land movements or combats? If so, would
they have any of the corp strengths?


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> >> Prussian corp strengths
> >> Pending Prussian reinforcements
> >> Prussian treasury
> We honestly don't know these for sure.  We can recreate some of this by
> looking at the battles from the last war Prussia fought (against Russia
> Austria), but with the new baby and all I'm finding it hard to put the
> together to do this.
> I do think it is safe to say that Prussia got just barely enough money
> econ turn for maintenance (they failed an economic loss roll), and due to
> badly-timed economic manipulation, had no manpower coming in.  So there
> should probably be no reinforcements pending, and unless there were loans
> from allies, no money in the Prussian treasury.  Not pretty.
> >> Alliances/Wars/Enforced Peace restrictions
> Prussia is allied to France (since early in the game) and Russia (just
> March, 1807).  Is there a Prusso-Spanish alliance ?
> Prussia surrendered conditionally to Austria and Russia in  January, 1807.
> Conditions imposed by Russia were the ceding of Masovia province (Russia
> chose not to take a minor country) and a 24-month enforced peace.  Austria
> chose only a Royal Marriage.
> >> Optional/House Rules being used or not used.
> >> Rule Agreements/Clarifications
> Am I right that we are using all optional rules this game ?  Somebody help
> me out with specifics about house rules.
> -JJY
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