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Re: [eia] French sieges

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From: Bill Jaffe <billj@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, April 16, 2007 4:55 pm
Subject: Re: [eia] French sieges
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> Zurich is full up, 15 factors...
>  2i + garr (3i total)
>  8m
>  1g
>  3c
>  2.8 morale
>  What am I facing? Do I get to know that before I decide whether or 
> not to
>  surrender?
 The rules for siege battles are pretty terse and there is no explicit time for revelation of forces.  My guess is that they are meant to run like a trivial combat but with the tables shifted to the defenders favor and the trivial combat rules seem to imply that revelation of forces should occur once you are committed to battle as they say follow the standard course for a field battle but skip some of the steps.

So, I think you have to decide to fight or not without knowing the corps you face.  

It's a little tougher as we've added in keeping the contents of the nation cards secret so you don't know what the strengths of the corps you might be facing are but as this army has fought a few battles lately you can probably make a pretty good guess of what could be out there and decide to assume the worst or assume the best.
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