Bill Jaffe on Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:55:19 -0700 (MST)

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[eia] FW: [escrow] Battle east of Zurich

Anticipating the possibility that the French would want to keep me from
withdrawing, we execute a stout Mountain defense while the French corps is

We have 3i and 2c, totaling 3.4 morale
Sadly, our corps commanders aren't as good as the French, but in the
assault-defend we don't have to worry about that, no leader modifiers apply.
We do wish we had some Russian leadership, but sadly, they seem to all be in
Leopoldstadt, enjoying the Austrian beer. 

Jim, what's in that corps of yours?

Don't forget your casualty level is reduced as well.

You want to go ahead and roll the bones?

Bill Jaffe
Wargaming since Tactics (1958), and playing 18xx since 1829

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The Austrian corps chooses to defend.

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