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[eia] finishing the godforsaken month of December, 1806

The battle of Bologna ends with the destruction of the French force and the capture of Massena.  Austria and Turkey must either agree who will hold Massena as a POW or dice off for him.  +1 PP for Austria and Turkey, -1 PP for France.

I believe there's only one conquest this month; the French garrisons at Florence and Rome were starved out only this turn, and Massena interrupted the occupation of Bologna.  But Turkey conquers mainland Naples; +1 PP for Turkey, -1 PP for France, and all remaining Neapolitan forces are removed from the map.

Paris and Vienna are both enemy-occupied, which will result in the loss of tax income and -3 PPs for France, -2 PPs for Austria.

Economic phases are still needed from Austria, France, and Turkey.

France needs to respond to the January DOW escrow.

And then 1807 will be under way !
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