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Re: [eia] [escrow] Battle of Mantua, December 1806

Agreed, although aren't we going to kill his corps and capture him after
this battle, ...

Bill Jaffe
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Thus spake "Bill Jaffe":
> The Austrians have the II Corps, 15i,1c, and the II Grenadier, 3G, 1c.
> We do not commit the Guard before the 1st round.

The Turks are I Janissary, Bulgaria, Imperial Cavalry, and III Anatolia,
with 13i, 6c, 9fi, 7fc.

Our total force is 55 factors @ 2.9 morale.

First round:
   France inflicts 1 casualty and -0.7 morale.
   Coalition inflicts 6 casualties and -1.1 morale.

We can't break Massena's force next round, and we break only on a 6,
so I see no need to commit the guard.

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