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[eia] Turkish economic phase, Dec. 1806

A. Victory Points: 6
B. Money and Manpower Collection:
    Syria: none due to occupied capital
23/12 (base value)
-1/-1 (occupied Armenia)
-1/0  (occupied Cyprus)
+2/+2 (Palestine)
+6/0 (domestic trade)
+4/0 (American trade)
33/13  (Grand total)

C. Lending Money: private.
D. Manipulation: +1 PP/-5 manpower
(set to +1 PP/-5 manpower)
E. Money and Manpower Expenditure:
Syria: $1 for 1 corps
Turkey: $14 for 11 corps, 1 fleet, and 2 depots.
F. PSA: no change (lowest 7)
G. Civil Disorder: n/a.
H. Ceding: none.
I. New Political Combos: none.
J. Levy:
    A corps is removed 2 spaces S. of Erzurum.
    A new corps appears at Tirane.
    A new corps appears SE of Nish.
    A new corps appears at Athens.
K. UMP Control: n/a.

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