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[eia] Requesting EVAC

    I'm thinking of pulling all my remaining troops out of the middle east.
I can't win there any more the way things currently stand.  And right now,
the Spanish and Russians that are there can easily overpower me.  So I
figure I'm better off reforming a largish army in the Balkans and heading
out to meet the Russians in force.
    However, if I pick up all my feudal corps in the Middle East, there will
be (at least) one that will need to be evacuated the old-fashioned way.  The
Anatolia feudal infantry corps currently at Damascus cannot be stood down
because I would never be able to put that corps back on the map.  (The
Russian troops in eastern Anatolia would prevent me from standing that corps
back up.)  So I was hoping that you could move a fleet to Acre in order to
transport that corps out of the warzone.  If you want, you could then use
that corps to help you root out the Russian fleet at Corunna.  What do you


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III:  sea area off Lorient ---> London
IV:  hold at Naples
V:  sea area off Leghorn ---> Oporto
VI:  sea area off Bordeaux ---> London
VII:  hold at London

Naples:  sea area off Marseilles ---> Genoa
Portugal:  English Channel ---> Gibraltar
Sweden:  Malmo ---> Portmouth

God Save the King !
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